Its Oscar day! The 89th annual Academy Awards take place tonight in Los Angeles. Lets hand out some awards!

Best Supporting Role: 

….and the Oscar goes to, Josh Bailey.

So about that winger we were looking for? I think we found him.

Josh Bailey, the long reigning easiest player to hate, has already put up career numbers this season. With 43 points in 61 games, Bailey is going to shatter his old record of 41 points.

Something got into Josh Bailey this season and he is playing extremely well. Yes, he is at the benefit of playing alongside John Taveres but he is showing so much more this season. The way he is skating has improved, he is defending his captain and he is making pretty plays.

Every fan loves to hate Josh Bailey, and I can call myself guilty of this as well. However, Bailey is having an excellent season and he is a reason behind the Islanders recent surge.

Best Director: 

….and the Oscar goes to, Doug Weight.

So much can be said about the Islanders recent success, but the majority of it is thanks to Interim Head Coach Doug Weight.

Since firing Jack Capuano in mid December, the Islanders are 12-5-2 under Weight. There was an initial spark like there was many teams a team fires their coach, but the Islanders have stayed hot. Maybe this guy is our coach of the future.

Under Weight almost every important stat has gone up.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 3.51.45 PM.png

Analysts around the league are starting to take notice as well.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 3.52.47 PM.png

Nothing is final yet, and the Islanders by no means are going to win the Stanley Cup, but this team is exciting and fun to watch again and a lot of that is because of Doug Weight.

Best Original Score: 

….and the Oscar goes to, John Tavares in his goal against the Blues.

This is one of those goals that you have to sit back and watch a few times. I was lucky enough to be at this game, so I had the chance to see it live. It was incredible.

Opposite hand, behind the back. Pure beauty. John Tavares ladies and gentlemen.

In real time it looked insane, but watching it slowed down and to see the amount of talent and concentration to make a play like this makes it that much more incredible. This could easily be the best goal of the season for any team.

Best Picture: 

….and the Oscar goes to, John Tavares OT series winner. 26ISLESweb-master768.jpg

Hot take alert: This is the best picture ever captured.

This picture was taken moments after John Tavares scored a 2OT winner against the Panthers to give them their first playoff series win in 23 years.

This was easily the biggest moment in recent Islanders history and how fitting is it that John Tavares scores the series winner.

The look of absolute excitement and joy on every fans face was a moment they were waiting years for. I will never forget that feeling and either will Tavares. Just look at him!




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