What a day we had on Tuesday. On the eve of the trade deadline, #IslesTwitter was jumping like never before. With news and rumors dropping nearly every few minutes, the fans and analyst of the New York Islanders had one of the more fun and memorable deadlines in years.

Lets look at how this all started, with one of the most highly anticipated moves.


At a quarter past 9, Islanders beat reporter Arthur Staple dropped a bomb. Josh Ho-Sang had been called up by the New York Islanders. Ho-Sang has sort of a cult following by fans. Just see any @ConIsles tweets, or the Obstructed Views podcast.

Ho-Sang has also had sort of a controversial start with the team. After being drafted 28th overall by the Islanders in 2014, he claimed he would be the best player in the draft within 3 years. Well 3 years later, he has yet to play in a game. He also missed a team practice during training camp which put him in the dog house of the organization.

Fans were getting pretty excited, and #IslesTwitter began its eventful day.

Well its never too late to get that start! Here comes Ho-Sang……….

……or not. Within a few hours, he was sent back down. Fans were on a roller coaster of emotions.

Duchene you say?

There has long been speculation about the Islanders attempting to acquire Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene. With the deadline quickly approaching, the rumors started to heat up and reports were circulating that the Islanders were making a serious push for Duchene.

We were all aboard the Garth-Mobile, lets make this thing happen.

Then things started to get real exciting. NHL.com editor Brian Compton tweeted that nothing would happen until the Islanders team plane landed in Dallas.

So what happens next? We track that damn plane!

Fans were literally tracking the Islanders team plane to the exact point when they would land hoping for a major announcement. The Islanders, the fan base who have been punished for so long, were tracking a team plane hoping for a franchise altering trade. Reward us hockey gods, reward us.

Photoshop played its part as well.


Johnny Boychuk’s brother even got involved in the Twitter mania. It was up it was down and we were losing our minds.

If a brother of a player on the team tweets something, it has to be true right?!?!?!

As of right now no major announcement has come, but what a day it has been for #IslesTwitter



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